Two Familiar Brands Competing in the local Marketplace

Two Familiar Brands Competing in the local Marketplace Essay example
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Two Familiar Brands Competing In the Local Marketplace Abstract Marketing strategies play a vital role in promoting and selling a brand. The marketing program of each brand is different from one another even if the brands are from same parent company. The paper compares two brands i.e.


The paper will evaluate these two brands with respect to globalization, segmentation, purchasing structure, distribution, advertising and promotion, ethics, environmental aspects and relationship with other brands of the parent company, P&G. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Literature Review 4 Globalization 5 Relationship with Other Functions and Brands of Organization 5 Segmentation 6 Geographic Segmentation 7 Psychographic Segmentation 7 Environmental Issues 8 Purchase Decision Structure 9 Channels of Distribution 10 Promotion and Advertising 11 Pricing 12 Ethics 14 Conclusion and Recommendation 15 References 16 Introduction Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is recognized as one of the leading multinational organizations dealing with consumer products in various segments from beauty to house-keeping. It is an Ohio based company headquartered in USA. The parent company is engaged with the marketing of above 300 brands which include beauty products like shampoo, soaps and household products like detergent, toothpaste etc. P&G has strong market share in the segment comprising of detergent and laundry products. This paper will make a comparison between two competing brands Tide and Gain which have strong presence in the local market of USA (IBS Case Development Centre, 2010). Literature Review P&G has considered huge expansion in its product line over the past few years. It operates in almost every nation in the world. ...
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