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Branding strategy

Apple is currently the most reputed and valued technological brand in the world according to Kim. Moreover, in market capitalization, Apple has already surpassed even Microsoft and currently ranked second in the world just behind Exxon Mobile (Kim 2010). Apple products are selling rapidly all over the world because of the huge brand value of Apple Company. Brand images construct some symbols in the minds of the customers which help the product manufactures to market their product more efficiently. For example, iphone, the touch screen phone from Apple has revolutionized the mobile communication world. Consumers who purchased the iphone were immensely satisfied because of the quality of the product. The belief that Apple delivers more than what they promise was true in the case of iphone also. Branding should be unique and attractive in order to catch the attraction of the customers. Logos or trademarks are important in developing a brand. Logos must reflect the theme of the product we are going to develop. Apple’s logo given below is one best example for how well a company can develop their brand through logos. ...
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This paper briefly analyses the brand strategies with respect to the given case study of Global Gadgets Imports . Some customers give more importance to the brand rather the product…
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