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Branding strategy - Essay Example

Apple is currently the most reputed and valued technological brand in the world according to Kim. Moreover, in market capitalization, Apple has already surpassed even Microsoft and currently ranked second in the world just behind Exxon Mobile (Kim 2010). Apple products are selling rapidly all over the world because of the huge brand value of Apple Company. Brand images construct some symbols in the minds of the customers which help the product manufactures to market their product more efficiently. For example, iphone, the touch screen phone from Apple has revolutionized the mobile communication world. Consumers who purchased the iphone were immensely satisfied because of the quality of the product. The belief that Apple delivers more than what they promise was true in the case of iphone also. Branding should be unique and attractive in order to catch the attraction of the customers. Logos or trademarks are important in developing a brand. Logos must reflect the theme of the product we are going to develop. Apple’s logo given below is one best example for how well a company can develop their brand through logos. (The Evolution and History of the Apple Logo, 2009) The above logo is simple and it speaks for the Apple Company. It says nothing about Apple products; however it is helping the consumers to recognize the name of the company. Once the name of the company identified through the logo, customers will search more things about the company and their products. Low prices, superior quality,

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Marketing (branding)
Branding is essentially important for the endurance and triumph of the businesses. It is due to its relevance that comprehensive understanding and analyzing of the power of branding is required for managing the brands effectively and efficiently. Two most important aspects of branding will depict its importance more precisely.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
Branding, Pricing, and Distribution
This paper will design domestic and global product branding strategy, pricing strategy, and distribution strategy for the organization in order to make its new product launch successful. Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy Since light weight bags is a new business concept, the product branding strategy can play a significant role in determining the success of the brand.
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Branding and product life cycle
Generally product life cycle consists of four common stages, such as introduction, growth, maturity and decline. This part of the essay will discuss about these four stages of product life cycle. Introduction The introduction stage of product life cycle is characterized by the low sales growth rate of products.
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
Thus a brand constitutes a symbolic embodiment of all the values that a corporate stands for and its represents information connected to a company. The term brand name is often used synonymously with the term brand, but brand name is usually used to denote the written or spoken linguistic elements of a brand.
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Global Branding Strategy
As a result some products are selling better, than the other ones. The effectiveness of marketing depends not only on the rational usage of marketing tools, but on the accordance of the product to a certain market, how well it fits to the market demand. Bringing this product to the market of consumers and creating not only a short-term, but a long-term consumer preference to a given brand among the competitors is an important task of marketing.
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Coca Cola's branding strategy
When this organization happens to be a multinational corporation like Coca Cola it is obvious that the brand equity of its products is relatively very high for customers and stakeholders. In regards to a large enterprise like Coca Cola it is easy to state that any large scale change of its product or products could lead to market unrest in a short term.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
Case study Lenovo (Critically evaluate Lenovo's Branding Strategy)
Their core belief is to measure their success by helping customers achieve their productivity levels in their businesses and at the same time experience and enhanced personal life. Lenovo's point of differentiation as we can see is a mix of both innovation and efficiency.
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What is Branding
nding strategy is a good and effective way for a company to increase the exposure and recognition of the name of the company and the products it offers. One of the advantages of a branding strategy is that it enables companies the ability to charge a premium price for its
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Branding Strategy- Nike Inc.U.K
The fundamental marketing activity of an organization is to convey a positive and optimistic brand image in the minds of its consumers. Currently, there is an insane proliferation of brands in the marketplace which has created a “do or die” situation for the marketers and brand managers all around the world.
6 pages (1500 words) Essay
Since the beginning of the business operation Mr. Colgate wanted to boost customer health and provide products that could enhance the quality of their lives (Sekar, 2008). For almost two decades, the Colgate-Palmolive persisted with the same
12 pages (3000 words) Essay
great advertising, stunning packaging etc are part of brand development in the consumer electronics industry. All these strategies may develop a psychological attraction among customers towards a particular brand and Apple succeeds in developing such big brand awareness among the consumers. Consumer electronics market is overcrowded with millions of products which made the customer’s task more difficult in selecting a suitable product. In such circumstances they will put their trust on brands rather than the products. Apple realized the above principle well and did everything possible to build their brand along with their products. Global Gadgets Imports (GGI) is currently on the verge of big expansion. Even though GGI started their operations on a small scale, now the company has ten additional stores in three state regions. The distribution channels of the company are growing and it is difficult for the company to sustain their growth if they fail to develop their brand. All the biggest companies in the world are still spending heavy amounts for brand building even though they are established in the market. Global Gadgets Imports (GGI) has no brand development strategies at present which should be corrected. GGI needs a well defined logo through which the company can communicate so many things to the customers. Moreover, the company should spend some amount for the advertising activities. Advertising through different channels like television, internet, print etc can help the company immensely in building their brand. Sales promotions, and sponsoring of sport events etc are some other major brand building strategies Global Gadgets Imports (GGI) can be tested. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from


This paper briefly analyses the brand strategies with respect to the given case study of Global Gadgets Imports . Some customers give more importance to the brand rather the product…
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Branding strategy essay example
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