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Еhe impact of IT in branding for the teenage market

Branding is considered as one of the hottest topics in the business field as its overall attraction and significance has become more important in the recent past. With the rise of the web and other I.T. technologies, the need to have effective branding strategy has became more significant because of the speed with which information is provided to the consumers.
Over the period of time, organizations have used branding as one of the important strategic tools to improve and consolidate their relationships with the customers. However, more importantly, branding has provided the organizations a strong chance to further penetrate into their chosen target markets. The strategic use of branding therefore is considered as one of the key strategic variables for organizations to manage and control effectively. Organizations which are better at managing and executing a well crafted branding strategy are more successful as compared to the firms which fail to realize their true potential and positively use the power of their brands for achieving the competitive advantage.
The emergence of globalization and the spread of Western values and culture over the different geographical regions therefore suggest that the branding can be effectively used to achieve the necessary competitive advantage in really fluid global market.
One of the important and emerging themes regarding the impact of IT in branding is the ease with which marketers can actually communicate with their customers. ...
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The recent surge of the social media and networking sites such as facebook and introduction of smartphones as well as tablets like Apple IPAD has made the teenage market as one of the fast expanding and lucrative markets. …
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