Impact of New Media on CRM-Systems

Impact of New Media on CRM-Systems Thesis Proposal example
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The Impact of New Media on CRM-Systems 1. Introduction 1.1 Research Problem Growing a business is a practice that business owners, employers and managers do not have an option to. Once businesses are established, they must be taken trough the tough task of nurturing them to grow.


Some of the factors that make the running of businesses very difficult when economic conditions are not good include lack of access to credit to undertake strategic business expansions. Harsh economic climate also deprive ordinary people of enhanced revenue and therefore change their spending habits. People become more cautious with what they do with their monies. It is however not as if every other business or company would collapse because the global economic meltdown. As a matter of fact, it is in the face of such economic crisis that the ‘men are separated from the boys’. It is in the face of such trailing moment that good businesses are separated from bad ones. When the general business climate is unfair, it takes focused business planners to succeed because they are the kind of people who can come out with innovative ways of winning the hearts of the few customers who will be ready to do business (McLean, 2009). Making mention of customer brings to discussion, the innovative skill of attracting customers when there are actually several businesses competing for few customers. The growth of every business depends largely on customers than on any other factor or group of people (McLean, 2009). This is because customers and consumers are the ultimate injectors of money and funds into businesses. ...
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