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Marketing an Australian wine to Hong Kong wine market

 The paper tells that Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world where full-time education is mandatory between the ages of 6 and 15. More than 90% of the children complete upper secondary education and over 25.5% of the population have attended post-secondary education. This suggests that the Hong Kong population is well-educated. The Hong Kong economy is open and dynamic. Housing in Hong Kong is at a premium and hence even four generations at times live together under one roof. Moreover, Hong Kong is still a conservative society where paternalistic affiliation is given importance. Nevertheless, youth from higher income families are more likely to participate in higher cost activities outside the home, like going to theatres or listening to operas. Those from lower income families would prefer to enjoy their leisure activities at home. Thus the target segment for the marketing plan is the young adults from affluent families. As far as wine consumption is concerned Hong Kong is the most mature wine market in Asia. However, the older adults prefer to consume wine and not the young adults. Students in Hong Kong universities generally do not involve in alcohol against the European students where 88% of them tend to consume alcohol beverages. Only 1.4% of the Hong Kong students are regular alcohol consumers and they start consuming alcohol on an average at 15.6 years. The most popular alcoholic beverage was beer followed by table wine. Hong Kong students are influenced by their peers in consuming alcoholic beverages possibly because it is a collectivist society. ...
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In the report, the researcher has discussed the marketing an Australian wine to Hong Kong wine market. The target segment would be the youth that has completed tertiary education as education influences socialization as well as the choice of food and beverages.

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