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Contents Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Target Markets 3 Market Demographics 4 Demographics and Behavior Needs 5 Market Needs and Market Trends 7 Market Growth 8 Market Trends and Growth 9 SWOT Analysis 10 Marketing Integration Mix 11 Conclusion 12 Case of John Lewis: 14 Works Cited 21 Client’s Name: Course: 22 September 2011 Executive Summary This paper will shed light upon the marketing plan of John Lewis that is one of the biggest departmental stores in the UK; the marketing plan will comprehensively cover all the important internal as well as external factors.


Under marketing strategies important strategies like targeting and positioning, strategies for segmentation will be discussed. The marketing model section will throw light upon generic strategies, strategic alternatives, competitive strategies and other important aspects like innovation and branding. The seven P’s of marketing price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical evidence will also be discussed in detail in this marketing plan. Marketing budget is another area which requires attention, factors like resources, requirements, timing and marketing expenses will be discussed. Target Markets Marketing scenario is ever changing and with changes come unprecedented challenges, the retailer companies are facing several challenges and the need of the hour is to come up with new marketing plans which are capable of tackling these never seen before challenges. John Lewis is one of the biggest departmental stores in UK; it was founded by John Spedan Lewis. John Lewis had to enter into a partnership to compete against the other biggies like Tesco in the UK. ...
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