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Advertising reveals a lot about a country.

Advertising reveals a lot about a Country Advertising is the presentation or an idea of a product, in order to persuade individuals to buy a particular product. One agrees with the fact that ‘advertising reveals a lot about a country’.In brief, advertising targets the population by appealing to their emotions In order to do so, they put up with stuff that people can relate to, things that they see happening in front of them, and things in which they themselves are involved. Therefore, as consequence, they inform a whole lot about what things are like in a country. Language used in an advertisement is one of the first factors that determine what country the advertisement belongs to and hence is an important cultural factor. Usually advertisements in different countries are in their own language; however, it has been an observation that countries have now become multicultural nowadays. People following different cultures and traditions live together. ‘Culture is not something innate or ascribed, it is learned’. No one is born with an innate sense of culture but it is learned through social institutions, and it rewards socially gratifying behavior. Social institutions that shape culture comprise of families, religious institutions, media, and schools, and advertising takes all such social factors and subsequently, it becomes more effective. Therefore, advertising shapes culture in a way that it contributes to the consumers’ learning. ...
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Advertising reveals a lot about a Country Advertising is the presentation or an idea of a product, in order to persuade individuals to buy a particular product. One agrees with the fact that ‘advertising reveals a lot about a country’…
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