Strategic Marketing

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Strategic Marketing Table of Contents Strategic Marketing 1 Table of Contents 2 Section 1 3 Question 1 3 Question 2 4 Question 3 5 Question 4 6 Question 5 7 Section 2 8 Question 1 8 Question 2 10 Question 3 12 Question 4 13 References 16 Bibliography 17 Section 1 Question 1 Your company wants to develop and market a new dental chewing gum.


In addition to this the company would specifically target the youth and middle age individuals falling under the age bracket of 18-45 under its list of targeted customers. The choice of the target market assumes significance considering the fact that products like chewing gum are especially popular with the youth and middle aged individuals. The chosen market segment for the new product is also viable for the company as these individuals lead a very fast life and can easily use chewing gum as a substitute for toothpaste. Moreover the eating habits of this category of individuals also include food items that are likely to cause more plaque and dental problems. These food items include products like chocolates as well as other high calorie and cheese based products like pizza and burgers. The fast paced lifestyles of these individuals make them an ideal choice for the company as a potential target market for the new chewing gum that is to be launched in the market. The company’s targeting strategy would largely involve positioning the product as a substitute for toothpastes and also as a good flavored chewing gum that can also be munched in leisure time bringing them the joy of a wonderful taste as well as a product that takes care of their teeth and brings about health benefits. ...
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