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Dissertation example - The Interactive Consumer: The Influence of User Generated Content and Social Media on Consumer Behaviour

The Interactive Consumer: The Influence of User Generated Content and Social Media on Consumer Behaviour Dissertation example
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The Interactive Consumer: The Influence of User-Generated Content and Social Media on Consumer Behaviour By Candidate’s Name Student Number For the degree of MSc in Marketing Date 2011 FACULTY OF MARKETING, COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Background 4 1.2 Objectives of the Research Study 6 1.3 Scope of the Research Study 7 1.4 Methodology for the Research Project 9 Chapter 2 Literature review 11 2.1 Informational and Utilitarian Reinforcers 12 2.2 Word of Mouth and Electronic Word of Mouth 13 2.3 Social Media and the Significance of Electronic Word of Mouth 15 2.4 User-generated Content on Social Media 18 2.5 Proliferation of Social Media 20 2.6 Th…

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s 62 Chapter 5 Discussion and Analysis of Findings 71 Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations 78 Appendix A - Interview Questions for Exploring the Influence of Social Media and User-Generated Content on Consumer Behaviour 80 Appendix B - Informed Consent Form 84 Bibliography / References 86 List of Figures Figure 1: The Evolution of Word of Mouth Theory 17 Figure 2: Understanding about the Funnel Approach to Consumer Decision-Making about Buying a Brand from the Past 31 Figure 3: A More Systematic Approach to Consumer Decision-Making about Brands and Brand Loyalty in the Age of the Soci ...
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