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International Sales

The essay "International Sales" provides an empirical analysis of the aspect of international expansion and is devoted towards creating a framework for the market entry strategy of the firm in the Indian consumer market.
India represents one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the twenty-first century. A research conducted by the global consultancy states that the size of the Indian consumer market is like to expand by approximately four times its present value and is likely to be the fifth-biggest consumer market by the year 2025. The majority of this growth would take place in the urban areas. A research report conducted by Nielsen places the nation in the first slot in a survey conducted upon consumer confidence. It is perhaps for this reason that the nation is witnessing increased private equity participation as well as mergers and acquisitions.
The growth of the consumer markets can also be related to the burgeoning economy of the nation. India is presently accredited as one of the fastest growing economies with high growth rates. An increased investment has enhanced the consumption levels of in the citizens of the nations as they have reported higher levels of disposable income. This has led to an increase in the demand for goods and services which reflect large-scale opportunities for organizations especially those operating from the Western world. New locations are important for these organizations as the present and traditional markets of Europe and North America have been saturated. ...
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This essay provides an empirical analysis of the aspect of international expansion and the strategies to be formulated for the same. The paper focuses on the gaming console industry as the product to be marketed and sold in the Indian consumer market. …
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