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Brand Revitalization: Paxil BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Brand Revitalization: Paxil Introduction The prescription drug Paxil is used to treat a wide variety of depression symptoms. In the late 1990s through 2007, Paxil was one of the most respected anti-depressant medications on the market, providing GlaxoWellcome considerable profitability.


This report identifies the causes of this negative marketing from a historical lens and also suggestions on how to revitalize the fading brand and restore its recent lost brand equity. Historical Marketing Tactics Paxil had relied on television and print advertising, historically, in order to gain brand recognition and some semblance of brand loyalty with diverse consumer markets. The brand even relied on promotional materials, such as T-shirts, to assist in spreading the brand’s name and overall purpose. In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration delivered a warning letter to GlaxoWellcome about the inappropriate distribution of T-shirts at a children’s health forum in Florida, believing it was promoting an unethical and unapproved use of the drug by expressing its merits to children (Mundy 2008). Thus, Paxil relied on an extensive and rather expensive integrated marketing campaign in order to gain consumer following and to get patients to inquire about the drug at their health clinics to assist in reducing depression symptoms. Up until 2007, these marketing efforts had been a profit success and built considerable brand equity that maintained the ability for extensions of the Paxil name where appropriate. ...
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