Prepare a marketing plan for a WA brewery during WA Beer Week (June 2012)

Prepare a marketing plan for a WA brewery during WA Beer Week (June 2012) Research Proposal example
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New Demands for Beer: Feral Brewery in Australia Name, Name Student Number Email Table of Contents Executive Summary The breweries that are currently in Australia are reaching high levels of competition with the social demand for beer continuing to move further forward.


This report will examine the current status with breweries in Australia while defining a strategy that is required for the Feral Brewery to continue moving forward with the specialized and high quality beers that are currently a part of the market. The main approach is to combine the products and events offered by Feral with specialized segments of the market to begin gathering an alternative reputation within the market. Background Description Feral Brewing Company began in 2002 in Perth, Australia. It is recognized as one of the areas for beer that is interested in offering high quality beer that is identified by the Australian region and styles. The beer began by two friends creating a stronger taste with beers while creating recipes based on the craft of the beer. Today, the beer is continuing to expand throughout the Australian region with a variety of beers that are brewed. This includes over 12 tastes of beer offered by the brewing company and versions that have been upgraded from the past. The brewery combines the variety of beers with a brewery location for individuals to enjoy their drinking experience. The brewery restaurant offers events, such as Sunday fun day and the Oztober Fest. ...
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