Investment Report: Gunns Limited (GNS)

Investment Report: Gunns Limited (GNS) Assignment example
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Gunns Limited is a major forestry firm. The company is located in Tasmania, Australia and was founded in 1875 by two brothers – John and Thomas Gunn. Being founded in the 19th century makes it one of Australia’s most senior organizations.


While starting from humble beginnings, the company gradually developed and today operates with over 900 square kilometers of forestry; although a variety of forestry is grown on this land the overwhelming majority are eucalyptus trees. This large portion of land functions to make Gunns Limited Tasmania’s largest private landholder. In terms of company size and corporate structure, the organization employees approximately 1200 employees and is the largest exporter of woodchip operations in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Recently, the organization has undergone a significant restructuring, focusing almost entirely on the construction of a $2.3 billion dollar Tamay Valley (Bell Bay Area) Pulp mill. This pulp mill will have significant affects on the investment viability of Gunns Limited.
Within the context of this corporate structure, this report constitutes a comprehensive analysis on the viability of investing in Gunns Limited. Particular attention is given to the Bell Bay Area Pulp mill as this constitutes the main are of organizational concern for current and future revenue. Specific elements of consideration are political and regulatory factors, economic considerations, demographic and socio-cultural issues, technological factors, and CSR issues. These areas of consideration are followed by a conclusion and finally a recommendation regarding the company’s investment potential.
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