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Information and knowledge management for managers  Executive Summary Gathering and sharing tacit knowledge is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations. Web Windows advertising agency has been struggling to identify the various barriers related to knowledge sharing, especially tacit knowledge sharing.


For Web Windows, the knowledge management framework developed by Nonaka in 1995 is most suitable because it helps in facilitating the knowledge management of both explicit as well as tacit knowledge. Scope of the Paper The organization sees the highest attrition and transfer during the months of May to July (a high churn over happens because employees get back to studies). The rate of hiring is also the highest during this period. While there is a documented process to exchange knowledge regarding advertising budget, advertising history as well as goals of advertising of each client, there is a considerable amount of tacit knowledge that the experts have. Some examples include negotiating with clients and understanding their general as well as specific requirements. The scope of this paper would cover understanding the barriers in knowledge sharing in account management teams as well as between the sales team and the account management teams. Identifying the stakeholders necessary for effective transfer of knowledge and making sure that the process happens within a proper and organized framework falls within the scope of the organization. ...
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