Consumer Behaviour

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Abstract Consumer is the person who buys a product for its own use. If a person purchases a good or service and it is consumed by either that person or his family such an individual is called a consumer in its entirety. Similarly, consumer behavior is the action taken by purchasing and consuming the product.


Energy drinks are a raging phenomenon of the current decade. After soft-drinks and alcoholic drinks, they have generated a lot of interest from people, especially youngsters round the globe. The niche in which these brands compete is carbonated soft drink and it is a very narrow niche. The two brands that this paper will talk about are Red Bull and Mother Energy Drink. Red-Bull is an Austrian brand that was first introduced in 1987. It is available in 120 countries all over the world and is widely regarded as the world’s number-one energy drink. Mother Energy drink is a brand of Coca Cola and was first released in Australia. It was introduced Australia in 2006 when Red Bull and V energy drink commanded 94% share in the market. The paper will compare and contrast how consumer social characteristics, their need for uniqueness and how being a visualizer or being a verbalizer affects consumer perception of the brand followed by a conclusion towards the end of the paper. The primary focus of the paper will be on how these three dimensions influence consumer behavior. According to Kotler (2010), consumer behavior is an enigma for marketers all over the world. ...
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