Marketing strategies and tools that affect hotel sales - Literature review Example

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Marketing strategies and tools that affect hotel sales

In most of the business organizations, marketing communication strategies are found to be in integrated form in the sense that it combines several aspects together. Just like has the broad area of marketing itself, marketing communication also has a mix. Under a marketing communications mix, different elements of communications are incorporated in different quantities to form a campaign. A marketing communications mix comprises of elements like sales promotion, publicity, advertising, direct marketing, e-marketing, branding, and sponsorships and so on. All these elements are generally referred to as marketing communications tools. One wants to become successful financially for this all spheres of business, such as in hotel industry, should have their own respective strategies through which they will carry out their plans. This chapter is based on the effective differences and similarities between the product based and the service based marketing. Along with detail discussion of certain terms and concepts, we shall also provide you with some samples on target advertisement, which will be created by us to examine group marketing and leisure. Lastly, what we shall do is to check on the areas where there shall be future prospect and growth opportunities may exist.
(Imrie and Fyall, 2001; Dev, Zhou, Brown and Agarwal, 2009; Leong, 2008; Bell, 1993; ). ...
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. Now marketing is quite a broad area which embraces various aspects like price, place, promotion and product. These four aspects form a marketing mix of a firm. As far as the issue of marketing communications is concerned, it actually refers to the area of ‘promotion’ in a marketing mix…
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