FEMA. A Gap Analysis: Mandated Expectations vs. Reality.

FEMA. A Gap Analysis: Mandated Expectations vs. Reality. Research Paper example
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This paper attempts to accomplish a thorough analysis of FEMA on the expectations from it on national level preparedness to safeguard peoples and property from natural calamities and man-made disasters.


Expectations from FEMA at organizational level have risen in the wake of random happenings of catastrophes, keeping the government on different levels on the run to find a solution to the problems of emerging risks from all kinds of hazards. Real issues are related to distribution of federal funding to state, local, and regional level organizations and insufficient capabilities for disaster operational planning that affect the performance level of preparedness. The article discusses the FEMA’s housing program, hurricane Katrina, and problems of drought-hit regions to get a perspective on the issues and their solutions but before that it discusses the organizational requirements and present status of FEMA in effectively performing the tasks at hand. The article offers comprehensive recommendations to resolve the conflicts so that FEMA becomes capable of managing the affairs of the varied functions systematically and successfully.

FEMA A Gap Analysis: Mandated Expectations vs. Reality
Background &Introduction
FEMA has not been successful in realizing the mission and aims stipulated for it. FEMA regions have no budget power to help the states with their strengths and bring together various stakeholders for effective performance during and after the disasters of various categories. ...
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