Consumers Choice regarding the selection of a Mobile Phone Brand

Consumers Choice regarding the selection of a Mobile Phone Brand Essay example
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Consumers Choice regarding the selection of a Mobile Phone Brand ABSTRACT Globalization has made a severe impact on consumer behaviour and choices, especially in the consumer goods sector. Consumer choices are influenced by several factors such as situational factors, socio-economic background and cultural differences.


The motivation for the study arose from the recent focus on brand image and how brands influence consumer choice, especially in the mobile phones market. With the aim to evaluate the factors on which the consumers make their choice in selecting the mobile phone brand, this study was undertaken. Four objectives were hence set and after extensive literature review in Chapter II, the methodology for research was presented in Chapter III. Justification for choosing the qualitative approach has been provided. The chosen instrument for data collection has been face-to-face interviews of the male consumers as well as of the representative from a telecom company. The female consumers were interviewed over the phone due to cultural barriers. All four objectives of the study have been achieved. The literature review suggests that the perception of the Saudi Arabian consumers differs distinctly from the Western consumers. Even though the Saudi Arabian consumers are attempting to adapt the western culture, the international marketers should note that certain elements of culture cannot be ignored. The study concludes that the needs and wants of the consumers are not homogenous and difference also exists across genders. While men prefer phones that offer technologically advanced features women look for convenience of usage and the security of after-sales service. ...
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