Pest analysis for Pepsi Cola

Pest analysis for Pepsi Cola Essay example
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Pest analysis for Pepsi Cola Compile marketing audits: 1.1 Appraise the processes and techniques used for auditing the marketing environments. A marketing audit consists in covering a firm’s marketing goals, environment, system, strategies and organization.


Once company officers are mutually convinced about the benefits of a marketing audit, both parties have to work together to decide on the coverage, objectives, depth, report format, data sources and the time taken to do the audit. In the case of Pepsi Cola Company, first of all the global market share needs to be determined. The pricing system in this case is determined by the local Pepsi Cola bottlers. Moreover the company also maintain standards for evaluating the quality of the product. However, in order to compete with Coca Cola they have to first strategize ways and means to improve sales, performance measurement of the product, type and level of compensation and finally the addition of new sales personnel. b) Collecting data – The second step consists in collecting relevant data. Here, Pepsi Cola has to find data regarding the volume of sales generated by its rival company in order to plan the means to improve sales activities. The auditor and the firm’s officers need to collect private and published data on the industry. Also suppliers need to be contacted who in turn can contact wholesalers in order to furnish additional market data. One of the main responsibilities of auditors is to suggest plausible ways to improve the marketing consensus. c) Report preparation and presentation – The marketing auditor prepares notes for verbal and visual presentation depending on the data collected. ...
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