The Pricing Strategies and Programs of Etisalat

The Pricing Strategies and Programs of Etisalat Essay example
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Etisalat is a telecommunications company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 1976 under the name Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, a joint-stock venture between various Emirates partners and a once-large British company called International Aeradio Limited.


In 1983, the company changed its ownership structure when the United Arab Emirates government took over a 60 percent share of the company, giving it majority ownership, with the other 40 percent of stock offered to the public. Today, this company operates under the brand Etisalat.
The firm is a diverse multinational company that operates in 18 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, The United States, and Africa (, 1). Etisalat services over 100 million customers in these countries and has achieved annual net revenues of AED 30.83 billion in 2009 (, 1). The company is a major telecommunications provider to the private citizen and to corporate entities, with mobile services, voice and data services over satellite and fixed-lines. The business also is involved in providing managerial and technical training support services to enterprises as well as SIM card manufacturing, voice and data transit services, and even telecommunications in submarines (, 1). The business is a major broadband hub for Middle East businesses and consumers with a very broad trans-national network. It provides also roaming and data services for corporate entities. In addition, Etisalat provides iPhone services and Blackberry services exclusive to these products.
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