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Student Name: xxxx College: xxxx Subject: xxxx 16 August, 2011 Introduction eBay is an international firm which deals a huge variety of items for sale and purchase which includes a variety of collectibles in the field of electronics, fashion, motors, antiquates, sports, household items, movies, music and games etc.


Approximately 430,000 people today in the USA come up with all of or even the majority of their own existing through this web site (Lewis, 2008). The actual goal of eBay was to promote the task ethic and traditions associated with the exciting, wide open as well as trustworthy atmosphere to achieve and maintain the main concerns of the organization. For this it has successfully kept its customers protected from other rivalries by providing a smooth open trading forum for sale and purchase. This paper is an attempt to familiarize the audience about the success of eBay with a brief touch of its SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Force Model, and Value Chain Analysis. 1. eBay: SWOT Analysis 1.1 Strengths 1.1.1 Brand. The fame of eBay brand is consistently increasing over the years and now the brand has become a source of benefit to it. The brand is widely appreciated throughout the world because the firm is expanding its areas of operation on global scale and thus public has its great awareness and recognition. The company has estimated greater revenue in near future due to the wide recognition of equity of eBay brand. In addition to this, eBay’s trademark, copyrights, patents, and domain names will also help the organization to get a competitive advantage over its rivals. In turn, eBay will enjoy extra sales and earnings. 1.1.2 Market Leadership. ...
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