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Essay example - Dinner is the Sky: Launch in Pakistan

Dinner is the Sky: Launch in Pakistan Essay example
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Dinner in the Sky: Launch in Pakistan [Name [IDs [Date [Course Number / Prof Dinner in the Sky 1 Executive Summary Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant which is propelled in the sky with the help of industrial cables suspended through cranes. The franchise is primarily located in Guildford UK and has presence in various countries…

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The unique idea of having one’s meal in the sky will be the Unique Selling Proposition of the brand of Dinner in the Sky. The restaurant would take the customers from the ordinary to the extraordinary, where ordinary meals would be made into a thrilling experience which will leave a lasting impression on the customers. Besides serving good quality food and providing a one of its kind experience, Dinner in the Sky would also ensure the safety of its customers as the company puts its customers’ safety and security before itself. A crane will be used to lift up the setup of the restaurant (which will consist of the crew, furniture, 22 to 350 diners along with other necessary equipment about 180 ft above the ground. Depending on the demands of the customer, Dinner in the Sky will also build an independent "flying stage" which will propel a piano and musicians for the guests so that, they can enjoy live entertainment as they eat aloft. The structure of the eatery will be portable and will need a space of almost 1500 sq.ft, hence can be held anywhere (sea side, public place, historical sites and fields etc), (, 2010). The mission of the restaurant, besides providing good quality food matched with a whole new experience, is to have well-organized and friendly services to maximize customer satisfaction (Mills et al, 2003). ...
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