The challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing: World of Warcraft - Dissertation Example

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The challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing: World of Warcraft

The paper talks about WoW as the world’s most popular Digital Video Essentials (DVE) in history. WoW is a massive multiplayer online role-play (MMORPG) game which debuted in 2004 and currently “dominates the MMORPG market”. The game’s success is attributed to creative marketing communications techniques that have constructed a virtual world with real world subscribers with an annual recruitment and retention of rate of approximately 11 million users. In 2010, WoW had 12 million subscribers. However, by September 2011, that number dropped to 10.3 million having previously dropped to 11.1 million in June 2010. Despite the decline in subscription rates, WoW remains the world’s most popular subscription game. Blizzard Entertainment, WoW’s owner claims that it expected subscription declines as some of its more sophisticated and long-term subscribers had exhausted the current game. It is estimated that new expansions would eventually lure subscribers back. WoW has experienced subscription declines in the past. This experience has taught Blizzard Entertainment that subscribers will typically only subscribe to one game at a time. As a result, they will leave WoW to try new games, but will eventually return to WoW. For the present, WoW’s main competitors are Arkham City, Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Despite the competition, WoW owns a 62% share of the DVE market history. Rabowsky provides some insight into why WoW’s experienced significant success since its inception. According to Rabowsky (2010), MMORPG’s bring together massive “multiplayer experience” and have significant “economic potential”. ...
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The research answers such question: What are the challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing? It investigated by conducting a case study of the virtual world and conventional marketing strategies of WoW. The paper examines and compare the marketing strategies of WoW’s main competitors. …
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