Dissertation sample - The challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing: World of Warcraft

The challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing: World of Warcraft Dissertation example
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The Challenges and Opportunities for Virtual World Marketing: World of Warcraft Case Study A dissertation submitted to the faculty of Teesside University in completion of (insert degree). By Student Name Teesside University Degree Course November 2011 Certification 1…


Signed………………………………………………….. Name…………………………………………………… Abstract This dissertation hypothesizes that traditional marketing strategies are ineffective for responding to the unique features of virtual worlds. A case study is conducted of the marketing strategies employed by World of Warcraft (WoW). It is revealed that WoW’s use of digital tools has proven that there are innovative marketing methods that engage and retain users who are actively using virtual worlds. From a marketing perspective WoW’s success proves that the virtual world can be particularly useful for connecting with customers, identifying their needs and for learning from customers’ interaction with each other what their needs and desires are. The main challenge is losing that connection when a customer discontinues a subscription and fails to explain why. This dissertation thus analyzes both the challenges and opportunities for virtual world marketing. WoW’s marketing strategies and success in terms of its market share and subscription rates are analyzed in detail. A qualitative and ethnographic online research study is conducted with descriptive results. The ethnographic online research study is conducted by the use of surveys submitted to WoW’s online forum among random subscribers. ...
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