Trade Unions in Britain

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Trade Unions in Britain Name Course Professor Institution Date Trade unions in Britain Trade unions are organizations of workers that have come together with the purposes of achieving common goals. The common goals include better working conditions and better salaries.


The trade unions in Britain traditionally had a system in which the bargaining was based on industries. This gave the trade unions a sense of institutional security in their operations within the private sector. By 1950, approximately 60% of the workers in the private sector were under collective agreements that had their origins outside their firm of employment. Several events and developments however combined to cause the decline of the trade unions and their influence (Fernie & Metcalf 202). The decline of the trade unions in Britain began in the years since 1979. This was after the election of Margaret Thatcher’s government that had conservative policies that were aimed at weakening the trade unions (Wrigley 2002, p40). This decline followed a period of rapid growth and increase in membership and influence in the 1950s. The collapse of the trade unions could therefore be anticipated following the decline experienced. There were several factors that contributed to the decline and the eventual collapse of the trade unions. ...
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