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Research Design Name Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: University: Research Design In order to estimate the value of market materials as well as non-market materials, contingent valuation (CV) method is utilized. The method utilizes the respondents’ willingness to pay (WTP), which can precisely evaluate the value of certain market and non-market products.


The study has three basic objectives that are to alter the standards of the non-market environmental goods and services in terms of both economics and environmental stability, to determine if the policy makers would find the results from the contingent valuation methods would be consistent and acceptable. The third objective is to evaluate the condition that the wildlife enhancement scheme (WES) would enhance the WES worth. The important part is not the topic but it is the research methods that are followed to enhance the cost of Pevensey levels wildlife enhancement scheme. In the essay, the two essays are analyzed to identify the research method. One of the papers emphasizes on the quantitative research approach while the other follows the qualitative research approach. The contingent valuation is been through a criticism in the past few years as it is hard to estimate the willingness to pay (WTP). The degree of sensitivity of the results from the contingent valuation (CV) presents a scenario that will determine the view and attitude of people towards the enhancement policy (Clark Burgess & Harrison 1999). Research Questionnaire Respondents were asked as to estimate the WTP figures. ...
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