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Apple Inc. Executive Summary Although stock market value does not always reflect real business operations, it is the goal of this study to provide justifications on why Apple Inc. is an appealing investment. By analyzing the company in terms of its overall strategy to specific business activities, the researcher is able to forecast the stock value of Apple for the next three years.


As for the software products, Apple offers a complete portfolio of consumer and professional software applications which include iOS and Mac OS X for its operating system; and iCloud for its online content tool. Moreover, Apple sells and delivers digital content and application such as music and literary art through iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store. In line with its unique offerings, Apple sells a variety of third party compatible products such as printers, storage devices, speakers, and headphones; as well as applications of software programs. In terms of customers, Apple caters to private consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and the education sector. Demographically, Apple’s private consumers are mainly consisted of young, early adopters who are technologically-savvy and are followers of media trends, as described by David Appleyard in his online article entitled Profile of an iPhone User: Interesting Statistics about Yourself. Being heavy users of the web and mobile devices, they always want to get updated with the current social happenings. ...
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