Dissertation sample - An Analysis of Hong Kong Property Trend

An Analysis of Hong Kong Property Trend Dissertation example
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Many reasons have been pointed out and studied for this price increase and interesting conclusions have been drawn from this research. The research has been conducted using primary research methods. The author has used two research methods to conduct the research…


The first research method is the questionnaire method which was conducted on 498 subjects. The second research method was the interview method which was conducted on 16 subjects. The subjects of the research were investors and buyers of the Hong Kong property.
With the research, the problem areas of this consistent price increase has been pointed out and the researcher has made plausible recommendations to resolve these issues. Government intervention has to be strengthened. Taxes, should be levied, supply of land has to be increased to meet the demand by auctioning government owned land, construction of compact and multi-storeyed buildings along with construction of reasonably priced accommodation schemes by the government in an attempt to control prices by satisfying demand. Moreover, property ownership laws should be stricter and resale of land should be time limited to help control the prices of Hong Kong property and to avoid a price bubble burst.
The research paper is on the trends in the Hong Kong real estate market. The prices of the real estate in Hong Kong have increased tremendously and many speculate that there is a ‘bubble’ that may burst any time soon. Olsen (2011) explains that this is because the prices have reached a record high and even with low interest rates, economic slowdown and an aging population, the prices are increasing at 2% every year. ...
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