An Analysis of Hong Kong Property Trend - Dissertation Example

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An Analysis of Hong Kong Property Trend

According to Carter (2011), the Hong Kong real estate market has seen many ups and downs especially since 1997 when it became part of China again. There was economic crash around that time and just before that, the real estate prices hiked just as they have today. However, Zarathustra (2011) explains that there are strong economic indications that the economy will suffer such a downfall again. This is because the prices of real estate have been growing at an unbelievably high rate which seem rather fabricated and unreal. There is a shortage of supply of land in the market and at the same time, investors are continually investing even when the prices are increasing every month. The interest rates are still low, which attract the prospective buyers to buy more. Moreover, Carter (2011) adds that the Chinese from Mainland find it more lucrative to invest in Hong Kong. Coupled with that, there are investors from all over the world especially multinationals that want to make Hong Kong their business hub which is an easy gateway to the Chinese market. Additionally, with the thriving economy, the standards of living of the locals are increasing and they continually look for upgrading their living space and buying or renting better places for themselves. Moreover, Zarathustra (2011) adds that as the economy grows, firms expand and require more office space and accommodate more employees there by needing more real estate. according to Suen (2011), thus there is a consistent increase in demand which the supply cannot fulfil and thus this causes a further increase in the prices. ...
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The research “An Analysis of Hong Kong Property Trend” has analyzed the Hong Kong real estate property trend and the escalating prices. The focus is to scrutinize why these price changes have occurred and why, despite the global crisis situation, the prices continue to rise. …

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