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Sales proposal to Apple Inc

I am the marketing manager at Amazon and I am writing on my behalf of my team. The purpose of this proposal is to offer you an opportunity into venturing into bed time stories for kids via our iPhone application.The world is advancing rapidly and no one knows that better than the geniuses at Apple. Every young should have access to all kinds of fun and exciting reading. ‘Bedtime Stories for Kids’ would be an I-phone based application that we propose to make; It will have the best literature for all children of all ages and would be made in the most user-friendly way for the parents to read out to their children via iPhone. It will be a very colorful application that would be specifically designed by Darren Smith, the famous children’s illustrator. It will contain very intriguing black and white drawings, pictures from famous artists in the children world and various other illustrations. It will also comprise of fascinating stories, fairy tales, myths, legends, humor stories, fiction and accounts on lives of great men and women. It would be the most ideal application for parents who are too busy to go to book stores to fetch books for their children. They can cash in on this application and read it aloud to youngsters and children. The most amazing part of the offer is that, we are willing to make the entire application free of cost and willing to allocate 30 % of the revenue from the sale of stores to Apple. As this is only an application, there will be no shipping and other storage costs. We will also take care of the marketing of our application. ...
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I am the marketing manager at Amazon and I am writing on my behalf of my team. The purpose of this proposal is to offer you an opportunity into venturing into bed time stories for kids via our iPhone application.The world is advancing rapidly and no one knows that better than the geniuses at Apple…
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