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Advertisement for children by McDonalds

Macdonald’s advertising mission is to deliver quality food with full ranges of meal designed & packaged in rich quality, but especially for Kids, from the age of (5 – 10) in which the key attraction is magical Clown, behind the story board, which appeals the children to divert their attention towards not what actually they want as a primary need Such as (food intake), which turns in to secondary needs such as (quality food with a fun).
McDonald’s had increased their market share with double the number’s in the past recent years due to increase in popularity amongst the children by offering kids meals, and fun meal with the ingredients suits the best along with the attractive packaging with a welcome gift (toy), which turns their face into smile while experiencing the jumping castle or the kids play area so that the parents can experience the peaceful meal with a quality of food.

Don’t claim to be the market leader just because your BIG, it will lead you to defeat you never know your competitor claim to be even bigger than you are, alway's be the leader in the category and by remaining number in peoples mind. (Phillip Kotler Marketing Guru)
McDonald’s had never claimed to be the market leader in the fast food industry but specifically in the children market share.
Children’s are the most sensitive element in the parent’s life, parents think of food they look for quality food, that not just fills space but to add value to their children’s life in terms of fun and joy. ...
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The essay " Advertisement for children by McDonald’s" describes why advertising works, and for what is it practice for and what are they key objectives’ behind designed specifically for children’s to help them identify their choice not by focusing on their needs but what they want.

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