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Postmodernism, marketing and the media

The paper "Postmodernism, Marketing and the Media" discusses profound issues behind the post modern marketing era and its influence on modern media and advertising. In this paper there is the broad plane upon which this question is based a detailed answer to this question would be like trying to lock up the entire ocean in one match box but this is what we as marketers do. We try to lock up happiness in a matchbox and will gladly market that given the chance. This is a big bad world of marketing where the entire marketing profession stands accused of crossing ethical boundaries, enticing children and adults alike and using to technology to the point of abuse. Visionaries were looking ahead when they described the post-modern period as one where there would be a growth of tertiary sector and the services industry would boom in the era of multi nationals and a rise in capitalism. However the booming free market would be unable to boast of free speech and democratic values. For Doherty post modernism as phenomena feared human progress and its realities. Other writers have said that this era is a time of uncertainty and doubt and a melting pot of pluralism, democracy and information and consumerism. The marketers have realised that this age has come with its packages of closeness and aids to overcome the physical barriers/social barriers through the media and information technology. Shorter has identified this with “anonymous intimacy” as people scramble to find emotional depth ...Show more


The paper analyzes postmodernism, marketing and the media. The “Marketing Knowledge Project” aimed to define the forms of marketing knowledge and its content and then gone on to distinguish the four types of marketing knowledge: marketing concepts, structural frameworks, strategic…
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Postmodernism, marketing and the media essay example
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