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Internal Marketing: Knowledge Management

The essay “Internal Marketing: Knowledge Management” talks about the internal marketing as a tool for online business promotion. The world has become a global village where people live their lives on the Internet. It has no boundaries or barriers, it is open to all who has access to the Internet using a computer.
Business and marketing analyses, running concurrently with the technical development of new-product ideas, may use ICT in the form of data mining to identify where there is a likely demand for the new product from existing customers. Finally, simulated test markets again speed up the new-product development process. The rapid advances in information technology are profoundly affecting the way marketing is conducted.
Over the last years, the market has seen the introduction of e-commerce but acceptance of these electronic solutions has been variable. More certainty surrounds the use of the Internet as a means of providing on-demand technical information, support, and service in supply chain management. Companies that can use that resource to their advantage - without becoming distracted by technology for technology's sake - are in the best position to become market leaders.
Organizational use has also increased rapidly – principally because it has removed cost barriers to sharing information, being much cheaper than the cost of creating private, proprietary networks. There may be a parallel here with personal computers. When they first arrived on the scene it was thought that the main market was the home market. ...
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This essay reviews the impact of the web, knowledge management and information technology on promoting business online. The paper also covers basic elements of the new technological environment and the techniques of knowledge management, the way global marketing is conducted…
Author : collinspedro

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