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Advertising and public relations in America - Essay Example

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There are few traditions and mainstays in American youth culture. In the United States, the nation's adolescents are eager and quick to adopt new cultural trends and technologies. …

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Advertising and public relations in America

There are few traditions and mainstays in American youth culture. In the United States, the nation's adolescents are eager and quick to adopt new cultural trends and technologies. One such organization that is attempting to reconnect with young girls, the Girl Scouts of America, is facing difficulties in attracting new members in today's "nonjoiner culture" (Byron). Attempting to reinvigorate an old brand is one of the most difficult advertising tasks around. [Advertising is essentially about effectively communicating information, in a persuasive and attractive manner, about particular products and services.] With so many stereotypes out there about the Girl Scouts, the job is doubly difficult, since they have the added task of convincing the public that the information that they currently have is incorrect or outdated. The article I have chosen to review deals with the advertising and public relations changes that the Girl Scouts of America is adopting in order to boost membership levels and remain an important American institution.One of the most significant changes is the creation of a chief marketing officer position within the organization. The Girl Scouts are likely going to announce that Laurel Richie will fill that position within the next few days (Byron). Though most of us are familiar with the iconic boxes of cookies that fill our pantries in early spring, most of us are unaware of the various programs and activities that the Girl Scouts provide young girls. ...
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