Capitalizing on Marketing Trends

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Capitalizing on Marketing Trends Name Course code and name Institution Date of Submission General Overview of The Author’s Main Point The main focal point of this book is appreciating the marketing changes and technologies that can help keeping in check an organization budget during hard financial times.


The author of this book goes an extra mile to give a provision through which its readers can recognize, investigate and evaluate the current marketing trends of today and tomorrow (Aspatore Books Staff, 2010). The author also focuses on how the marketer can easily connect with the customers. With the current marketing trends like social Medias, the author offers tips on how one can customize the trend implementation process to cater for the needs of the customers. Example, the marketer will have to tighten relationships with the vendors and always be willing to approach new leads when it comes to marketing. Thus, the book provides an edge and valuable insight to those business entrepreneurs who are trying to adjust their business to these economic tough times (Aspatore Books Staff, 2010). This can be achieved through studying global marketing trends, balancing risk in new ventures and incorporating sustainability through becoming more energy efficient. The experts in this book also emphasize on the importance of concentrating on team work or team efforts on the employees. It can be achieved through preparing employees for competition, ensuring that the senior management is involved and communication throughout the company is achieved (Aspatore Books Staff, 2010). ...
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