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Advertising and promotions

Two companies, Burger King and Victoria's Secrets use advertising and promotion as the main tools of marketing mix. Following Armstrong and Kotler (2000) advertising is more effective in attracting new customers than in retaining present customers. Thus, the companies have to find ways and methods to influence and persuade present customers buy and use their services and products.Christmas campaign launched by Victoria's Secrets was aimed to inform potential buyers about price reductions and invectives, new products and services proposed by the company. Advertising campaign was aimed to result in high response. To get the message, different types of media were used to attract target audience. Sunday newspapers and color supplements were invariably passed around the family for reading (McDonald and Christopher 2003). Advertising in a national business journals and entertainment magazines was an effective technique. Web banners and press advertisements were the main medium used during Christmas time. This marketing communications were selected to appeal to certain segments of the market. Since markets were also becoming more complex with an increasing number of groups and segments, specialized rather than national communication was required. This splintering of markets made it increasingly difficult to communicate with "total markets." For Victoria's Secrets, the effectiveness of marketing communications increased as the appeals approach an individual's predisposition, and the better the correspondence between them ...
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Two companies, Burger King and Victoria's Secrets use advertising and promotion as the main tools of marketing mix. Following Armstrong and Kotler (2000) advertising is more effective in attracting new customers than in retaining present customers. …
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