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Critical success factors for fashion market online retailing business

The paper tells that E-commerce has become more significant in recent years, though it has been developed in various forms for past 20 years. For example, ‘Electronic Data Interchange’ (EDI) provides a collection of standard message formats and an element dictionary for business to exchange data through an electronic messaging service’. Another example is ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ (EFT) first introduced in the late 1970s, which transfers money between financial repositories such as banks or bank accounts’. The growth and acceptance of credit cards, Automated Teller Machines and telephone banking can also be regarded as alternative forms of E-commerce. Although many- of these electronic trading technologies have brought progressive effects to their own markets and increased recognition on these systems to their customers, it is very obvious that E-commerce has certainly purveyed its excellence and has brought huge impact on the economic transformation only in recent years. In simple terms, ‘E-Commerce’ or Electronic Commerce is defined as ‘the process of buying, selling or exchanging products, services and information via computer networks including the Internet’. It is also alternatively defined; ‘The entire set of processes that support commercial activities on a network and involve information analysis’. Recently, however, we have seen explosive development in E-commerce mainly thanks to the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web, which facilitate e-commerce much more accessible. E-commerce can be simply categorised into two major activities; ‘Business-to-Business (B2B)’ and ‘Business-to-Consumer (B2C)’ activities. ...
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The study focuses upon e-fashion retailing. Looking towards early failures, as in the cases of clickmango and Boo, the research aim towards the identification of the underlying causes of the stated and, in so doing, determine how they may be avoided…
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