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Advertising, marketing, sales

The pervasiveness of advertising in the modern world is one of the key features of the consumerist economy. Rarely do people today make decisions on what to buy without the aid of the information provided by advertising on all forms of media. The consumer and the producer are the two parties in the exchange - and each party, on the part of the consumer, his wants and needs and the producer, on his part, the goods or services to give form to those wants and needs. Apparently, the market acts as the clearing ground for this exchange and both parties are satisfied. The role of advertising in the market is purportedly for the purpose of the consumers making informed choices on the myriad of products and services that are available. This is based on the assumption that people more or less know what they want and that producers make available to consumers as much as possible information about the product, within the framework of encapsulating the needs of the consumer. When a situation arises, when these assumptions are questioned, both parties are in danger - on the part of the consumers, vulnerable to undue influence or manipulation as to their needs and wants, and on the part of producers, prone to charges of exploitation and manipulation.In the article, The Dependence Effect by John Kenneth Galbraith, states that modern advertising and salesmanship are the vehicles for which production creates, not merely communicates, the needs and wants that present-day consumers come to identify as their own. ...
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The pervasiveness of advertising in the modern world is one of the key features of the consumerist economy. Rarely do people today make decisions on what to buy without the aid of the information provided by advertising on all forms of media. …
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