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Recyclable Drinking Water By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Integrated marketing communication is one of the highly preferred marketing tools within the competitive business environment. It can be defined as the coordination and amalgamation of marketing communication tools and functions into a program or function that helps in impacting customers along with enhancing the feasibility and acceptance of the product (Adcock, Halborg, Ross 2001, p-15).


However, the common perception states that recycle water is not safe for drinking and can be used in irrigation, industrial usage and flushing toilets. The primary purpose of this marketing plan is to introduce recycle water that can be used for drinking and other usage. The marketing plan aims at targeting the current flood situation in Thailand affecting the population along with making them deal with massive piles of garbage piling up around the different parts of the country. Bangkok has been severely affected by floods creating shortages for safe drinking water. It needs to be mentioned that common people in the city are facing serious water crisis with tap water pouring contaminated and dirty water (Kummetha (2011) On the other hand, packaged drinking bottles are quite limited in the market and the city does not have a marketer offering recycled drinking water. It can be assumed that development of recycled drinking water would help in offering a useful product to the masses using an integrated marketing communication approach. ...
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