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Topic Page No. 1 Executive Summary 2 2 Research problem Statement 3 2.1 Background 3 2.2 Management question 5 2.3 Research Questions 5 2.4 Significance of study 5 3 Research objective 6 4 Literature review 6-9 5 Research design 9 5.1 Methodology 9-10 5.2 Data collection 10-11 5.3 Sampling design 11 5.4 Data analysis method 12 6 Limitation of study 12 7 Time schedule 13 8 References 14 Research Methodology 1…


Management Dilemma: Reviews reflect that Cheunk kong has overall low scores of CSR in comparison to all the other companies in Hong Kong. Management Question: How Cheung Kong can emerge as the top organization in Hong Kong in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility? Significant of this study: In-depth property industry analysis in green management, discover the importance of CSR and ways to incorporate it Research objective: The study is designed to study the rising importance of the CSR in the present business environment and to highlight the areas of improvement for Cheung Kong, a leading business house in Hong Kong in matters of CSR. The importance of CSR in raising the productivity of the business has also been considered. Target sample size: 100 people Time for the research proposal: 6-months 2. Research problem statement: 2.1 Background Definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as the commitment by the organization to maintain ethics in their business activities and contribute for building sustainable livelihoods of the overall society. General situation of HK property industry with CSR CSR has become an important issue in almost all the leading industries in the global scenario. ...
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