Apple Tree Lane Child-Care and Nursery Centre.

Apple Tree Lane Child-Care and Nursery Centre. Assignment example
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Apple Tree Lane Child-Care and Nursery Centre.
The ownership, Lorna Jefferies, conducted small-scale preliminary marketing research in order to determine the potential market segments available for profit expectations and also to determine the variety of services expected by potential target markets.


After attaining the appropriate licensing, Apple Tree was established and now the facility is capable of supporting higher volume child care.
The business maintains three distinct long-term objectives which are based on reputation building, the provision of quality care for all children, and expansion of the business without loss of key provisions to service quality. The complications with establishment of an appropriate marketing strategy include identification of targeting opportunities for key markets, providing a brand reputation through positioning against competitors, and identification of what constitutes quality service dimensions and service structure. This marketing plan encompasses all methods of STP, promotion, service development, quality auditing systems, and methods of differentiating the organisation from existing child care competitors in the region.

2. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
Defining the market
In order to develop a quality marketing effort, it is necessary to understand the dimensions of what constitutes a market. A market is a group of potential customers dispersed geographically that maintain the potential to make service purchases. To reach these individuals, it requires process planning, recognition of important elements associated with the marketing mix, and maintaining relationships to satisfy individual and organisational objectives (Boone and Kurtz 2007). ...
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