The World Bank and How It Shaped Public Policy In the Developing World

The World Bank and How It Shaped Public Policy In the Developing World  Essay example
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The World Bank and How it Shapes Public Policy in the Developing World I. Introduction This paper intends to look at the World Bank as an organisation and how it impacted public policy in developing countries, particularly with respect to the context of large scale investment in farmland.


It will then look at the variables that came into play, specifically the role of the legal system, the actors involved such as the local elite, the challenges to local governance. Then, it will analyze the relationships between the variables – how the World Bank impacts on public policy by setting the frame and policy framework upon which all actors revolve and rotate. By way of clarification, it is imperative to first define what we mean by “public policy”. It is crucial to view public policy not simply as that which is reposed in written statute, but as Gerston put it, the “combination of basic definitions, commitments and actions made by those who hold or influence government positions of authority” (2010: 1) as well as an ongoing process of decision making by a variety of actors, the ultimate outcome of which is the determined by the content of the program being pursued and by the interaction of the decision makers within a given political administrative context.” (Grindle, 1980: 5.) 1.1 Background The World Bank is an international financial institution whose avowed mandate is to support capitalist development in the third world by consciously steering developing countries towards international trade, liberalization and capital investment. ...
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