Marketing and AMC Theatres

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The concept of theatres came up with drama as can be seen from the period of William Shakespeare, but when movies became popular and as attractive to the layman as drama; the theatres were converted for showing movies. …


The first point that one has to check is the matter of movie going habits of the “average man” in United States. Though all of us have our own ideas about the matter, it is best to depend on market statistics that are collected, though the subject of statistics has also been described as lies and more lies. That aside, one of the most reliable of all surveys for the country is conducted by Gallup and one of their latest surveys on the subject of going to movies have been conducted from December 5 to December 8, 2005. The number of movies now seen by an American has now come down to four movies during a period of twelve months. This does not mean that all Americans see the same number of movies since among the entire population there are 33 percent who claim that they have not seen any movie in a year, and 42 percent say that they have seen more than one but less than four movies in a year while 24 percent claim to have seen more than five movies in a year. ...
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