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How emotions impact consumer behaviour Dissertation example
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<p>Businesses attract and retain its customers by engaging themselves in exchange of resources such as money, information, good, status, emotions with the customers. Business requires understanding of consumer behaviour. It involves the acquisition of the information and therefore communication with its consumers and in return receiving feedbacks is a crucial part of consumer behaviour and the marketers are keen on acquiring the information given by the consumer (Gana, 2008, p…


1-2). This project aims to bring forth the relationship between emotions and the behaviour of consumers. In this context, it tries to highlight the impact of various emotions on consumer behaviour. The various strategies used my marketers like advertising strategies, promotional campaigns, etc and their ways of influencing the minds of customers is highlighted in the study. The project is scheduled to be completed in a span of a month and a half. The various steps through which the study is to be conducted are pres...

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