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McDonalds marketing - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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McDonalds's worldwide operations are characterized by ever increasing uncertainty and competition. Against this backdrop it's essential to consider the extent to which the product and service quality has an impact on customers at its restaurants…

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McDonalds marketing

McDonalds's worldwide operations are characterized by ever increasing uncertainty and competition. Against this backdrop it's essential to consider the extent to which the product and service quality has an impact on customers at its restaurants. As much as fast food restaurants are highly influenced by competitor behavior as an exogenous variable, the staff also affects the consumers' perception and behavior as an endogenous variable. This paradigm of behavior is essentially associated with the ever rising fast food restaurant competition in townships across the globe and above all customer satisfaction strategies and initiatives have shaped McDonald's global operations.Thus the consumer buying behavior is influenced by various in a way that indisputably acts like the harbinger of all organizational outcomes (Fornell, & Johnson, 1996). The theoretical and conceptual framework of this research effort would be basically determined by the relevance of the existing theoretical postulates and the conceptual frameworks of analysis and reference. Thus there will be an in-depth examination of the available literature on the subject to identify the correlations between among a set of more significant endogenous and exogenous variables involved in customer satisfaction and loyalty at McDonald's.The behavioral dimension refers to repeat purchases and attitudinal perspective refers to customers' intention to repurchase and recommend the product to others. ...
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