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Exploring Research Relationships

Exploring Research Relationships

The literature has been specifically reviewed to establish and identify internal and external validity issues relevant to the research topic. The paper ends with description of the nature of the relationships that would be finally assumed in subsequent dissertation on the research topic.

As has been stated in the introductory paragraph, this research utilizes the 1991 SERVQUAL instrument to measure service quality performance vis a vis customer service quality needs in the marketplace. The SERVQUAL instrument helps diagnose service quality problems (Berry, Zeithaml, & Parasuraman, 1990).See Bruner, James, & Hensel (2001) for an updated description of SERVQUAL. The data going through this instrument is expected to effectively answer the research questions by addressing both the null and alternative hypothesis statements, formed for the purpose. The more specific intent of this research is to establish a predictive relationship between SERVQUAL survey results and the success of a special event firm in any major city within the United States. The primary constructs identified are: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles, and business success.

Thus this enveloping construct could be identified as customer oriented corporate culture. It may be observed that almost all of the primary constructs identified for the research in hand viz. reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles go on to define some kind of customer oriented corporate culture. It is considered preferable to examine the impacts of these constructs on a stand alone basis rather than lump them in one construct. ...
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This paper has the primary objective to examine the various relationships that can be established amongst the various constructs and variables relevant to the research area of service quality in the entertainment industry and as identified from a comprehensive literature review of relevant works in this research topic…
Author : kanehuels

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