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Advertising is the King of Commerce

America has a love-hate relationship with advertising.We wince at the unseemly methods advertisers use to hawk their products.We complain that the airwaves are saturated with advertising and anxiously await the super bowl half time advertising extravaganza. Chester L. Posey, advertising executive, once remarked that advertising was a "$10 billion misunderstanding" (cited in Richards 2004). Advertising informs us. Advertising torments us. Advertising is the glue that binds the producer to the consumer. Critics contend that advertisers take unfair advantage of the market by exploiting human vulnerabilities. Still, we would be economically challenged without it. Advertising introduces us to new products, stimulates research and development, and lubricates our consumer driven economy.When you get that annoying flyer on your windshield touting the latest Mexican restaurant while you parked in the campus parking lot, that's advertising. Just before tossing it in the nearest dumpster you notice a coupon that includes an offer you can't refuse. Stopping on your way home, you find that the people are friendly and the food is fast, delicious, and affordable. A year later you are still patronizing the newly expanded family owned enterprise. Without advertising, that restaurant would have closed in bankruptcy and you would still be searching for a good Mexican taqueria. ...
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America has a love-hate relationship with advertising.We wince at the unseemly methods advertisers use to hawk their products.We complain that the airwaves are saturated with advertising and anxiously await the super bowl half time advertising extravaganza…
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