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Sales Planning and Operations in the Luggage Company Table of Contents Task 1 3 Task 2 5 Task 4 7 Task 5 9 Task 6 10 References 12 Bibliography 14 Task 1 1.1. Corporate objectives act as foundation for sales strategies. Corporate objectives can be defined as a long-term ambition or goal of a company.


Corporate objectives are generally formed by an organisation according to its available assortment of products or services. Corporate objectives also take into consideration the market in which the company is operating or is intending to operate as well as the existing demand of the product or the service in the market. Therefore, sales strategies are developed in line with the corporate objectives by taking into account the intended target market of the product and the profitability that can be derived from the target market. For instance, if for a product the corporate objective is to generate revenue of a certain specified amount and to target certain age group or demographic of target audience, then in order to reach up to that amount the sales strategies are formulated. 1.2. When a new product such as iPads and tablet computers are to be introduced in the market, a strong sales plan is required by a luggage company. In such cases, the objectives of a firm or company would primarily be the identification of the product, increase in growth and capability to win competitor’s market. Sales plan is basically the strategies developed by an organisation for the evaluation and implementation of its objectives. Sales plan include sales channels, target market, marketing mix, promotional mix, and sales forecast (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). ...
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