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Marketing Business Plan for Soy Protein Executive Summary There is a huge demand for soy protein in the US markets as the consumers are getting more and more health conscious. Soy protein effectively meets the demand of low fat health product which also tastes good.


The product would be distributed among the school, offices and retail outlets so to make them available at any point of time. Since there is a huge demand for the product, an effective three channel of management has been used, manufactures to distributors and to the retailers which will cater to the end users. Due to the demand for the product a huge amount of money need not be spent on the promotional activity. Only it should be made available at the each of its target audience like schools, offices and stores. As a result of the fact, a projection of sales in the US market to grow by 10% can be easily achieved. Also with consumers changing attitude towards health has made the product much more in demand in the recent years and is expected to grow by 5% in the near future. Thus the marketing plan of Soy protein takes into consideration the target market, the growing opportunities of the product along with industry and its competitor’s analysis, and an effective marketing mix to acquire a better market share in the US market and earn profits in the current fiscal. ...
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