Valeant Pharmaceuticals International: North America.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International: North America. Case Study example
Case Study
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Valeant Pharmaceuticals based in North America is countering large shifts in its leadership structure which is helping the company to embrace new cultures and new ideologies. The company is found to counter larger pressures owing to its reduction in stock prices in the stock markets of the region.


This dwindling position of its stock along with its weak resource base was tempting the company to accept continual losses. However with the shift in ownership structure the company managers are now devising newer strategies to help in gaining an enhanced market and thereby counter a rise in potential revenues. The strategies like acquiring of smaller and weaker firms and also of products have helped the company in extending its product and market portfolio in North America. Further the marketing strategies are also being developed to gain hold of potential consumer and market bases. Creation of value addition through the activities of the company in the social sphere has helped it in enhancing the relationships of the company with the consumer profile. Such enhanced relationship helps the company in gaining effective feedback from the consumer profile and thereby in making subsequent modifications in the products and services rendered. However the firm needs to work to enhance its internal resources for helping in the meeting of the extended requirements (Arnold et al. 246-257). The paper in this regard focuses on conducting a situational analysis on the performance parameters of the company in the North American market. ...
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