Marketing Plan on Counterfeit Protection Company

Marketing Plan on Counterfeit Protection Company Essay example
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Executive Summary Counterfeit Shield focuses on avoiding counterfeit items and thus aims to locate sources of these items. The goal of the company is to look for counterfeit items for any organization that intends to do so. The company will employ agents who will be paid a certain fee for there services and will work throughout the nation.


It has been observed that there is a rise in the counterfeiting of products throughout the world resulting in loss of huge sum of money for the companies affected. Thus, there is certainly a place for Counterfeit Shield in the market. The main focus of Counterfeit Shield will be upon the avoidance of counterfeit items and therefore locating of the sources for such items. The main goal of the company is to seek out counterfeit items for a company that wants to do so. This will enhance the profit potential for the company. Agents will be employed by the company who will work for a certain fee all over the country and local area. It has been stated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that more than 200 billion US Dollar was lost all over the world because of the pirated goods along with counterfeit items in the year 2005 excluding the domestic counterfeit products. It also does not include digital products which are pirated that are being dispersed over the net. If all these figures were added then the value of counterfeit and piracy all over the world would be far higher than 200 billion USD (OECD, “The Economic Impact of Counterfeiting and Piracy”). This signifies a huge market for some sort of protection for the designer goods for the companies. ...
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