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Name Instructor Course Date Speeches with Power of persuasion In any organization, communication is usually vital and determines the prosperity of it. Many a times, communication has saved businesses from collapsed and turned collapsing businesses into success…


In any business, workers and employee need to communicate. Communication got various types. Common types of communication include oral, non-verbal and written communication. In business dealing with conveying the rightful information to its customers in order to market their products, always need to be persuasive in the way they convey information. Persuasion is a skill which many acquire with time and it’s a very useful tool when it comes to communication. The ability to have the power of persuasion in a business is usually a very important aspect which businesses would strive for. People with this skill are often sought after by businesses since they have the ability to attract customers (Levine 3). In addition of possessing the power of persuasion, such people also have good negotiation skills that could be used in conflict resolution. Sometimes businesses disagree over some terms, and then it will up to the negotiators to employ their skills in order to resolve the problem before them. In any business to be successful, they have to employ a number of skills useful in retaining or attracting more customers. Conflict resolution is always conceptualized as the processes and methods one uses to facilitate peaceful ending in dealing with conflicts. For any good business to prosper, conflict should not be an issue as it deters performance and moral of workers (Levine 67). ...
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