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Speeches with the Power of Pesuasion

The paper tells that in the past, we have had a number of great speeches that have persuaded many people into doing something or buying something. In addition to that, other speeches assisted in negotiation plus conflict resolution. In life, without such people with great power of persuasion, the world could be elsewhere. Any negotiator in any conflict has to be a skilled person if resolution is going to be achieved. Many a times, we have heard cases of poor negotiators entering into bad agreements that cost businesses to collapse. When one is faced with someone who is doing something that one does not like, persuasion can be a very important tool in such scenario. In as much as power is considered to be or coercion, persuasion can also be vital too as evidence from the statement ‘power of persuasion.’Social-interest theorists liken persuasion as a form of exerting social influence on someone or about something. It is usually influence that investigates the reason why humans change. Inducing any form of change in an individual’s attitude is what is commonly referred to as persuasion, but inducing a change of belief is what is referred as propaganda or education depending on how one looks at it. Rhodes in his book uses the term ‘influence’ in a manner similar to how one he uses the word ‘power’ in an attempt to bring change. From Rhodes perspective, it is vital in identifying what is supposed to be change by the power of persuasion. ...
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The research discusses conflict resolution in general and some of the principles of persuasion expounded. Furthermore, great speeches from Martin Luther, President Obama and Morton have been discussed to show the interrelationship between conflict resolution, negotiation and communication. …
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